Thursday, May 21, 2009

Petit Fleur has found a friend in Jon Jordan, Fashion Editor/Reporter for Channel 4 WDIV Detroit. Jon has been more than generous by giving us several on-air mentions and well as two on-air opportunities this past week to visually feature my work on LIVE TV!

As if this wasn't enough Jon invited me to come to the studio yesterday and tape a segment which will be aired this weekend. Time/Day to be anounced...

Here is an interview I did with Alexis Williamson, owner of Le Salon who the powerhouse who put together the Creme de la Creme event at the DAC this Friday. I feel this interview best describes all of what I'm doing...

AW - What was the bouquet we saw Monday am live with the Carrie Gown?
CH - It was Hot Pink Miniature Calla Lilies, Black Magic Calla Lilies, Black Dahlias, Pink Hydrangea, Hot Pink Roses, Israeli Ruscus & Burgundy Miniature Cymbidium Orchids hand wired on Crystal Stamens. Retail Value was $350.00.

AW - What was in Bouquet's from the Sex and the City Movie?
CH - Carrie's bouquet is made of Amnesia & White Ranunculus, Escimo & Vendella Roses, Antique Yellow & Ivory Cabbage Roses & White Gardenia's.
Samantha's bouquet is Classy Red & Black Magic Roses.
Miranda's bouquet is Black Dahlia's
Charlotte's bouquet is Lavender 'Japhett' Orchids

AW - What will viewers look forward to on your segment with Jon Jordan that was filmed today?
CH - It will be based on two centerpieces, one priced for $300.00 and then one priced for $120.00. The point Jon is wanting to show is how you can get the same "look" for centerpieces on a budget.

The Expensive Version: Lavender Mini Calla Lilies, Purple Stock, Purple Hydrangea, Pink Peonies, Green Belles of Ireland, Hanging Green Amaranthus, Israeli Ruscus & Salal.

Budget Version: Lavender Roses, Pink Carnations, Blue Dephinium, Green Hypericum, Lavender Fuji Mums, Purple Snapdragon, Purple Statice, Israeli Ruscus & Salal.

AW - What is something we can do at home this summer?
CH - My "Edible Arrangement Segment" is about centerpieces you can make out of the produce department.
The first, I made one in a large martini glass with Tabboleh Salad in it with Small Pocket Pitas surrounding it with Asparagus Spears & Green Onion Spears standing out of the salad as Flower Stems adorned with White Dendrobium Orchid Blooms which are edible. The Second is my "Americana" themed arrangement in honor of Memorial Day Weekend. Red Strawberries, Red Apples, Blueberries, Blackberries, Purple Grapes all neatly and dramatically displayed on shish kabob skewers accented with fresh White Dendrobium Orchid Blooms which again are edible:-). The give-a-way is on Channel 4's website under CONTESTS. It is for girls (or guys) to register to win an original creation of their choice or a replica of Carrie's Bouquet for their wedding.