Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What shall we do today?

Since we are a special event design firm we tend to be seasonal... So as my season winds down (we will only be down 3 weeks in December this year then right back into weddings in January), I really enjoy spending this "down" time with my kiddos. The holidays of endless amount of cookies, squirrel bitten pumpkins, my kids begging me to not give their beds to the incoming guests to the black smears of eyeliner from me trying to draw the perfect whiskers and running out of attic space to hide Christmas presents, I dread the constant nagging question that always seems to tear through my ears when I am juggling a gallon of milk, bagels and some Clorox wipes at the grocery store trying to get it all in the cart.... What shall we do today Mommy? This book was an impulse buy at Home Depot at the check out lane. Since my 7 year old's teacher knows I do "party's" she ever so gently gave ME the duty of planning Friday's Halloween Party (of course we have a wedding Saturday). So while I was getting my ingredients together for my crafts to do with the class, I thought I would pass this onto you other Mommies (or Aunties, Daddies or Grammies)... No one should be without this, this Holiday Season.