Friday, January 29, 2010

Top 10 Things you DON'T do at a wedding!

A client sent me this, I LOVE IT and AGREE wholeheartedly with the entire thing!! I got some laughs from this so I decided to pass this along for your entertainment...enjoy!

Don't Be Fashionably Late
As the song says, get to the church on time! Allow enough time to get to there 15 minutes early or more no matter what weather, traffic, or other acts of divine intervention pop up. Print out directions to both the ceremony and the reception (if it's at a different location). Many a wedding has been hampered by guests who got lost and showed up an hour late.

Don't Produce Sound Effects
While at a wedding and reception, turn off your Blackberries and cell phones, put them on vibrate, or better yet, don't even take them!

Don't Talk Trash
It may sound obvious, but it happens all the time. No matter how big or how loud a wedding is, things get overheard. So, be on your best and most polite behavior. No gossip about any of the other guests. No complaining out loud about anything -- whether it's the food or the long line at the ladies' room. And no comparisons to other weddings! As far as the bride and groom are concerned, this is a perfect day, and so it should be!

Don't Come Bearing Gifts
Whether you're planning on gifting the happy couple a Cuisinart or cold hard cash, do them a huge favor and don't bring it on the wedding day. If you do, they have to keep track of it and haul it home at the end of the night. Send the gift ahead of time, or after the actual ceremony -- at a time when they can really relax and enjoy it.

Don't Dress Down
Whatever you choose to wear, make the effort to look your best for the bride and groom. They'll appreciate that you got dolled or duded up for the occasion. If the invitation doesn't specify dress code, put in a friendly email or call to the bride, groom, their parents, or attendants to get more info. Black Tie means you've got to dust off that long silk dress or rent a tux. If it's an outdoor affair, there may be more leeway, but get details on the location, so you can come prepared (because it's isn't fun to be traipsing around in the sand in your stilettos!).

Don't Bring Mr. or Ms. Random
If you're single, choose your date carefully. If it's someone you've only been out with once, it may not be the best idea (could be awkward for you, your date, and the newlyweds). Same if it's someone you recently "sort of" broke up with. Weddings are intimate affairs and bringing in a stranger should be done with thought. Let the bride or groom know if you decide to come alone so they can seat you with other fun "ones!" And as much as you may love your kiddos, don't take them if children aren't invited.

Don't Steal the Show
Wedding ceremonies take all forms -- from religious to poetic, musical, or humorous. Whatever the vibe, let the bride and groom set the tone and follow their lead. If you're normally a loud, life-of-the-party type, bring it down a notch and let the wedding couple stand out. If you're a weeper, bring tissues and sit where you can sob without disturbing the I Do's. If the ceremony includes religious rituals, find out what you should do (or not do) ahead of time.

Don't Pig Out
If food is serve-yourself, avoid the buffet line stampede and wait until the crowd dies down. Also, avoid going back for thirds. Take a break and save room for cake! Seconds might be okay, once you've seen that everyone has eaten. If the food is served sit-down, eat what is served without requesting substitutions or omissions, unless you have a food allergy. Otherwise, pick delicately or chow down, but don't gripe that you "don't like fish." Worse comes to worst, you can hit Burger King on the way home!

Don't Drag Out Skeletons
If the bride blushes, it should be from pride, joy, or sheer love. Not because someone just stood up and told a humiliating story about the loser she dated in high school! Ingratiate yourself to the lady and her groom by avoiding any potentially embarrassing or juvenile behavior -- no bawdy jokes, no tales about their dating habits or exploits, no overdrinking, and no overly sexy dancing. Have fun, but don't have it at anyone else's expense.

Don't Stockpile Party Favors
At the end of the night, as you're saying your thank-yous and farewells, avoid the urge to hog all the super-cool (or yummy) party favors! You don't need to take some for people who weren't able to attend. You don't need extras. Take one for yourself, unless someone in the wedding party urges you to do otherwise.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alexia & Michael Mansour - March 28th 2009 Colony Club Detroit

I just got these amazing photos from Alexia & Michael's March '09 wedding at the FABULOUS Colony Club in downtown Detroit... The staff at the Colony Club still talks about how fun this party was when I stop in to do an event. These are some of the most amazing clients I've had to date...

Alexia's bouquet was White Escimo Roses, White Hydrangea, White Freesia, Mini White Calla Lilies & White Stock. Alexis adorned her bouquet handle with a miniature portrait of her late Father who with her in spirit... Her bridesmaids bouquets were Jade Roses and White Escimo Roses.

Alexia designed her centerpieces and I loved how they turned out. She had a "Winter" theme of white flowers, fresh birch branches and white wrought iron trees accented with soft fresh hues of green and white. We had tablescapes of White Calla Lilies, Escimo Roses and White Hydrangea arranged in cylinder vases in staggered heights.

On the alternating tables we adorned 4' white wrought iron trees with hanging votives, white orchid blooms draped with strands of crystals. She set this off using crisp, classic white linens warmed by the elegant gold chivari chairs.

We displayed the bridal party bouquets in cylinder vases, adding drama to the head table with submerged orchid sprays illuminated in cylinder vases and water by floating candles. The birch branch arch was illuminated with warm white lighting and decorated with fresh white Carnations and white Dendrobium Orchid sprays.

A classic, beautiful event for a couple that shares the very same qualities! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your special day! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mansour on the birth of your precious Cedella Michelle...

Colony Club - Downtown Detroit

We did a fabulous event this past weekend at one of my TOP 3 venues in the State of Michigan...The Colony Club in Downtown Detroit. I am so glad I got to kick off my 2010 bridal season there. It was a traditional Jewish ceremony and the Chuppah was awesome (if I may say so myself). It was made of chiffon and was a demanding 8'x 8'x 8' and was illuminated by warm golden-hued lighting.

We did centerpieces of Mini Yellow Calla Lilies, Hot Pink Hydrangea, Shamrock Mums, Green Hypericum, Hot Pink, Orange and Yellow Roses, Green Dendrobium Orchids with Curly Willow Sprigs. The centerpieces were placed a top 27" pilsner style vases with submerged Yellow Mini Calla Lily and a Green Dendrobium spray inside the vase.

We put up a beautiful Birch Branch and Curly Willow arch, accenting with lighting and adorned with Hot Pink, Orange and Yellow Roses, Green Dendrobium Orchids, Hot Pink Hydrangea & Yellow Mini Calla Lilies.

The reception was fabulous as I absolutely love to work with Nicole Lakatos, the Director of Sales & Special Events at The Gem & Century Theatres and Colony Club and her wonderful staff. They are a key to our successful events there. She was generous enough to name us as one of their preferred vendors! I wanted to say congratulations to the New Mr. & Mrs. Jonas and thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tera & Bryan Caruso - October 17th 2009 Blossom Heath Inn - SCS

Robert Bruce Photography

Dear Corri & Staff

"I had a blast working with you Corrina and your team, you brought fresh ideas and captured the vision I was going for. I received numerous compliments on the unique décor and I would recommend to anyone that thinks "out of the box" to contact Petit Fleur Events."


Tera Caruso (Sinclair)

Robert Bruce Photography

I have been blessed with my clients, but it means so much more when your clients were more like friends than clients. Tera was a bride who knew exactly what she wanted but couldn't quite get it out on paper. It was important to Tera that she broke away from the "cookie cutter" style wedding that EVERYONE else had. She wanted cutting edge, abstract design and took great care to plan every detail meticulously. I wish more brides were brave enough to "invent" the event of their dreams like Tera & Bryan did. I grew a lot artistically from the designing of the Caruso Wedding. It was nice to have Tera & Bryan grow with me and my company. This event was close to my heart and I am proud of the outcome. Please enjoy some photos from Robert Bruce Photography

Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Caruso
Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Robert Bruce Photography

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How the words "I trust you" can save your Wedding floral budget.

How the words "I trust you" can save your Wedding floral budget.
One of my floral design heroes, Nancy Liu Chin, wrote a very timely little post about how to maintain budget goals for wedding flowers. I know most Brides would think the words "I trust you completely, please advise me on what YOU think I should have" would end up breaking their budget. But Nancy outlines how this can end up being the biggest money saver in the long run: read here.