Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's new?? Pinwheel Bakery!!

Well hello there! I have been a terrible blogger this past month. As most of you know we have been renovating our new storefront in downtown Ferndale. We have been wallpapering, hard wood flooring, electrical wiring and of course city halling... After getting all my "I's" dotted and "T's" crossed with the city for our Grand Opening, I am so proud so say, Let the fun begin!! Our signage was approved, passed all our inspections and painted the building. Our neighbors are great! We have already made a lot of friends. I am in love with Pinwheel Bakery at 220 West Nine Mile in downtown Ferndale.

Ann, owner of Pinwheel Bakery brought in some AMAZING shortbread cookies in an array of flavors and her "to die for" French Macaroons to welcome us to the 'hood. Pinwheel Bakery is one of a VERY FEW bakeries in the Metro Detroit Area that makes French Macaroons from SCRATCH and the right way! Not to mention the way they taste....

She does fabulous wedding cakes and cupcakes, one of her flavor combinations for her cakes is Chardonnay Cake and Raspberry Mousee Filling...mmmm!! Ann will be doing our sweets table for the Open House on Thursday night! So make sure you stop by to try her cupcakes and Macaroons!

Pinwheel Bakery offers everything from wedding cakes to grilled Panini Sandwiches. Word on the street is their Turkey Havarti Panini is AMAZING! So, THANKS Pinwheel Bakery for welcoming us to the neighborhood and of course helping us celebrate our Grand Opening!