Friday, February 26, 2010

Carnations...why such a bad reputation?

Despite their undeniable beauty, carnations have gained a bad reputation leading many people to think of them as no more than a “cheap flower”. Who can forget that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte and Carrie scoffed at the idea of a man bringing carnations on a first date? I think we all are still tortured by our high school days when Carnations were spray painted and given to us on cheesy holidays by the weird guy in 4th hour. Well… that actually reflects the opinion of most women about this flower. In many wedding forums I’ve seen how brides ask for approval before considering using them for their big day. It actually seemed like it was a crime to even think of carnations as an option for your wedding flowers! But should we hate them just for being more affordable than other flowers? My answer to this question is definitely no.

It is hard to understand when I meet with a client and in one breath she expresses budget to be a concern, and then in another will not consider carnations as a way to stretch the buck when that is suggested!

It is important when selecting any decor aspect of your event to keep an open and creative mind when making your decisions. Trust your designer to make suggestions and then ask to see an example of what they are thinking before you write something off. Floral design has grown leaps and bounds as far as modern, cutting edge designs since the dreaded 1980's and 90's. Of course you must pick a florist or event designer that shares your design tastes. There are still some florists who are very traditional in their design. That being said, please take a look at some of my favorite carnation pieces.