Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peony: Love or Torture?

Many of my brides come to me with a stack full of magazine photos with bouquets and centerpieces they love. I would say that at least 75% of those photos showcase, in one way or another, the peony. Peonies (pronounced pee-o-nees) are beautiful, fluffy flowers that truly encompass what a “wedding” flower should be.

But alas, these elusive flowers are difficult to get. They are only truly in season 4-6 weeks in the year. And when those 4-6 weeks will be? No one knows except for mother nature. Peonies are considered to be in season late spring or early summer which technically is mid-April to late May or early June. That’s really not a long time. You can get them a few weeks sooner or later, but you would be paying a pretty penny for them.

A lot of time I feel like peonies are another form of torture.

I am often the bearer of bad news. I have to tell these hopeful brides that the chances of getting peonies will be unlikely (though not impossible). The good news, though, is that I can offer up some other deliciously fluffy flowers that nature has graced us with.

Ranunculus (Spring flower available from March to April or May). Comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, hot pink, red, burgundy, orange, and yellow.

Garden Tea Rose (Mostly in season during the summer months including June, July and August). These come in a lot of colors also including white, pink, red, burgundy, peach, yellow and orange.

Dahlia (Summer Flowers available late May to October). These come in a variety of colors, and the later in the season, the more colors there are. Most popular ones are orange, red, pink, yellow, white and burgundy (dark red).

Gardenia (available year round). Comes in white.

Hydrangea (available all year round). Colors include pink, green, blue, lavender and white.

Lisianthus (in season during the spring and summer months). Colors include white, pink, and lavender

So if the in-season of peonies doesn’t happen to fall under the 6 weeks you happened to be getting married, hopefully one of these flowers can take its place!