Sunday, August 8, 2010

Huy-Linh & Rolaine Dang - June 19th 2010

I can honestly say I have never had this much fun designing an event with any other client in 7 years of weddings. This couple was amazing! Rolaine Ilanes and Huy-Linh Dang were married on June 19th 2010. Their reception was at the ever so amazing Lovett Hall, at the Henry Ford in Dearborn. We have a special history and bond with their staff so we really enjoy Lovett Hall or the museum, Eagle Tavern, The Pavilion, the Martha Mary Chapel and the Anderson Theatre.

The flowers were my favorite part (of course)! The bouquets consisted of Sahara Roses, Escimo Spray Roses, Fern Curls, White Sweet Pea, White Hydrangea, White Gardenia’s, White Peonies with an antique Gold Ribbon on the handles.

We built 7 foot trees from birch and curly willow for our bride who wanted an organic, whimsical forest "theme" to be carried through. Rolaine & Huy really enjoy the Upper Peninsula and traveling to other places and she wanted that feel carried through her event decor. We used an earthy smoky taupe floor length table cloth in a deep pleated satin for the guest tables. We adorned the trees with long stemmed white orchids, white delphinium and a warm ivory snapdragons. We intertwined asparagus fern garlands through the branches to look like moss climbing a tree in the forest.

Birch trees were special to them, so we used birch bark covered vases for half the floral arrangements and tree trunks for the other half of the floral centerpieces. We used a mixture of White Hydrangea, Creamy Escimo Roses, Sahara Roses, White Sweet Pea, White Gardenia’s, White Casablanca Lilies and White Peonies adorned with whimsical Maiden Hair Fern, Ming Fern, Tree Fern & Asparagus Fern.

Rolaine was so excited to see what I came up with in the end for our design that she couldn't wait and snuck into the ballroom for a sneak peak. As I was fine tuning some of the centerpieces with my staff, I heard Rolaine scream and shrill! She then promptly yelled across the ballroom, "Corri I love it!! It's amazing! I would so make out with you right now if I could!!". I gladly reciprocated and graciously accepted the compliment! Rolaine's humor, personality and spirit made everything more beautiful that day! She is an amazing person.

Rolaine & Huy had the most adorable favors made and placed on the guests place settings. Since they are literary professionals, they chose small yellow school notebooks with pencils inscribed with "Enjoy this DANG pencil" on them neatly tied with a twine ribbon to the notebook. Of course since the Groom's last name is Dang, that made this detail that much more humorous!

Rolaine had us build a "a book forest" for her cupcakes. There was a small two-tiered cake surrounded by 350 cupcakes on large stands. Again paying homage to literacy we placed some of the cupcakes on books and decorated everything with moss covered pebbles and stones. This was adorable!

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to design this event with Rolaine & Huy. It was very memorable. I wish many blessings to them in their future! I cannot wait to see the professional photos of this Blackberry just doesn't seem to capture all the magic! LOL!